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By Playa Viva on February 26, 2020

Data Collection Leads to Proof of Impact For those who have had the chance to visit La Tortuga Viva’s sanctuary, you will surely remember the little blue signs that designate each individual nest. Each marker includes data about: the quantity of eggs in the nest,  each nest is assigned a number,  the name of the […]

By Playa Viva on January 29, 2020

What Will You Remember? When we first purchased Playa Viva, I remember distinctly walking the land and coming across the volunteers of the Turtle Sanctuary located on a corner of the property. The leaders of the group approach us and asked, “now that you own the land, will you be kicking us off?” Wow! The […]

By Playa Viva on January 28, 2020

Bringing Marine Conservation Workshops to Juluchuca’s Youth. It’s no surprise that Juluchucans love the ocean. Whether it’s fishing, swimming, or just hanging out, the local beach is a popular place on evenings and weekends. Residents have a deep knowledge of their local marine ecosystem. They easily recognize subtle changes that occur in the water over […]

By Playa Viva on January 28, 2020

A Retreat That Prizes Service as Well as Mindfulness. This past December we were thrilled to welcome back 109 World to host a second retreat at Playa Viva and to continue their volunteer work with La Tortuga Viva.  109 World is dedicated to “Retreats that improve your happiness and fulfillment through caring for oneself and […]

By Playa Viva on January 27, 2020

Experience the Humpback Whale Migration at Playa Viva! The word “awesome” is probably overused but sometimes there’s just no better way to say it.  Nature has a way of leaving us in awe, and never more so than when she makes us feel small in the face some natural wonder.  Getting up close to a […]

By Playa Viva on December 24, 2019

Building A New Community Plaza In Juluchuca What unites a community? What brings us together? These are questions we all ask ourselves at holiday times, and something I’ve thought about often since moving to Juluchuca a little over a year ago. With roughly 500 residents, Juluchuca is certainly a small, close-knit agricultural community. Residents are […]

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