What does being “regenerative” mean? Building “green” is about doing less damage and building “sustainably” means doing net zero damage. Playa Viva takes it one step further taking a “regenerative” approach aimed at improving the resilience of local and, ultimately, global ecosystems. We feel that to be truly sustainable everyone involved in the endeavor needs to think and act sustainably; it must be core to our DNA. We start with these values, now the challenge is to lead, to transfer this knowledge and to expand these values to the whole community that is Playa Viva and beyond.





100% off-grid run

on solar energy

Built and maintained using permaculture design principles

Smart water design conserves water and replenishes the local aquifer with even cleaner water

Design fixtures made by local artisans to reflect the best of our surrounding culture

Built with renewable materials harvested on site

100% Off Grid

Playa Viva runs on a 100% off-grid solar system. We currently run a 10.4 kWh system that is connected to Outback inverters and two banks of 24 2-Volt Batteries (48 volts). This system is backed up by a 6kWh LP gas generator. All lighting is LEDs or CFLs. Lighting is generally limited to amber color to limit negative light effects on nesting turtles.


Permaculture is a design principle that mimics nature to create self-supporting ecosystems. It relies on sustainable agriculture and living each day without relying on the industrial systems of production and distribution. Playa Viva is built on these principles—from nature preserve to edible landscaping, all under the direction of a team of trained permaculture experts.


Playa Viva uses smart water conservation measures to ensure minimal consumption as well as replenishment of the local aquifer with even cleaner water. We have a well on site that provides all water, except drinking water, which is bottled water. Water used in the kitchen to prepare food is UV-filtered. All grey water from sinks and showers flows to irrigate nearby gardens. All black water from toilets is processed with mini-living systems.

Natural and Local

Playa Viva has been built using natural designs and local craftsmanship. The goal is to create natural flow of air using the venturi effect to have cool spaces without A/C. We use fixtures made by local artisans; the idea is not to recreate a foreign environment but focus on the local vernacular. We also try to use renewable building materials harvested on site, such as palm fronds, bamboo and clay used in wall pigment colors.


Through our relationship with Verde Ventures of Conservation International and Root Capital, we obtained our GIIRS Certification. GIIRS is a rigorous comprehensive review of a company’s impact. We are proud to have received a 4 star rating.


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