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As a B-Corp Certified Brand we are driven by our dedication to creating

meaningful community, honoring place and providing transformational experiences.

Giving the gift of education, giving the gift of life, giving the gift of opportunity! Your generous donations enable us to develop our watershed regeneration projects, across Education, Permaculture, Marine Conservation, Water Health, and Reforestation, working alongside the community to achieve a greater impact in this beautiful ecosystem.

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B-Corp Certification

In 2023 Playa Viva was awarded B-Corp Certification with a score of 110. Certified B-Corps are for-profit brands that use the power of business to build a more inclusive, equitable and regenerative economic system for people and planet. Brands must secure a score above 80 to achieve B-Corp Certification; on average B-Corp certified hotel scores sit between 80-88. Operating within an industry that has a significant global environmental footprint, Playa Viva’s mission is to transform the experience notion of what a hotel can be, both in terms of the hotel’s community & environmental impact and the guest experience. As the founding hotel launching the Regenerative Travel Member Hotels collection, Playa Viva’s ethos is driven by its Core Values to use cleaner and more abundant and transparent – energy, water and waste streams; promote and create biodiversity; create transformational experiences; promote meaningful community and to create a living legacy.

Community Impact

Enriching not only the environment, but also the well-being of our local community is integral to Playa Viva’s mission. We work within Juluchuca and the surrounding areas to improve Education, Health, and Economic Development.

Farm & Reforestation

If you speak to elders in our community they will recount to you a story of abundance – of forests dense with biodiversity, trees bursting with fruit, lagoons overflowing with fish, and nature teaming with life. This abundance is our goal, and guides our vision of responsible land stewardship at Playa Viva. 

We tend to the land in regenerative ways to create opportunities for you to explore the diverse ecosystem, to walk away with valuable and shareable knowledge and to inspire you and other guests to think through ways you can make similar impacts in your own communities.

Turtle Sanctuary

La Tortuga Viva (‘The Living Turtle’) is Juluchuca’s local sea turtle conservation project. Run by a team of fourteen local volunteers, together we have successfully released more than 450,000 baby sea turtles since 2010. Each year thousands of Olive Ridley (Golfina) turtles and dozens of endangered Green (Negra) and Leatherback (Laud) Turtles come to the shores of Playa Viva to lay their eggs. The turtles come to nest year round, with the peak period of egg laying during the rainy season, between June and October. Commercial exploitation, poaching, and degradation of nesting and foraging habitats has led to 6 of the 7 marine turtle species to be placed on the endangered species list.

100% Off-Grid

Playa Viva is run 100% off-grid. Our energy comes entirely from solar, our water comes from an onsite well, and we interact with our environment using a whole-systems approach that goes beyond sustainability to regenerating and helping our ecosystem to thrive.

Regenerative Trust

In 2013, Playa Viva instituted the Regenerative Trust. This is a 2% fee included in the total bill amount for all guests as a contribution to the environment and community of Juluchuca of which Playa Viva is a part. This fund goes directly to our impact efforts and allows us to support the health, education, and economic opportunity of those in our community


Supporting economic development means helping local farmers and artisans to create and sell their products to a broader market. We sell a range of locally sourced artisanal goods at the Playa Viva Boutique, some of which can be purchased from our online store. Thank you for supporting this community and its people.

Impact Reports

While we started with the right intention and we continue to work for positive impact, having the right values is not enough. It is important to track our progress and to know if we really are making the kind of impact as intended. Every year Playa Viva publishes a report summarizing our impact in the community. Additionally, in 2018 we undertook an extensive project to survey our community (both our Team as well as locals) and compared the results to a control group. This 140 page report is available for your review. We learned much from this process which will guider our work as we do this same extensive survey every 5 to 10 years to get data on our potential progress. If you are interested in joining us we invite you to see more information about volunteering at Playa Viva by filling out this application or seeing more information at this link.

Giving the gift of education, giving the gift of life, giving the gift of opportunity!


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