Farm to Table Cuisine


Farm to Table

When it comes to your health and wellness, what is more important than fresh produce harvested right from the garden? At Playa Viva, we have a thriving organic garden with a variety of seasonal vegetables, microgreens and seeds. Come tour the “huerto” and pick your own salad fixings, or take a stroll through our nascent orchard ripe with pomegranates, mangoes, jackfruit and cashew nuts. We source as much as we can from our land and also proudly support local farmers who provide milk, cheese, fruits, beans, corn and eggs.

For an even closer connection to your food source, we invite you to volunteer and join our work in food production and reforestation.

Healthy Mexican

Playa Viva food is what we would describe as healthy Mexican. We focus on traditional Mexican meals, but we cook with minimal oil and healthy, local ingredients. We strive to get as many organic ingredients as possible and grow as much of our food on site as we can (on our small farm). Farm to table is an aspirational goal for us with the objective that our chef and kitchen team have a direct relationship with the producers of each item on your plate. Because of this close connection to the food we serve, we are able to accommodate a wide variety of dietary concerns including vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, omnivore and even Kosher, not to mention special care to address any allergies, gluten free, sugar free and other food concerns.

Our Menu

Our chefs change the menu daily, but here is an example of what you might find on a particular day during your stay at Playa Viva.

Breakfast might be oatmeal, local fruit (such as papaya, melon, watermelon, pineapple), yogurt, tortillas, fresh eggs, fresh orange juice, tea (from local herbs like mint, limon, etc.) and coffee (local and organic).

Lunch might be sopes (handmade thick tortillas filled with beans and topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, etc.) with a fresh salad of tomatoes, nopalitos, verdolaga (purslane) and maybe a vegetable soup plus aguas frescas to drink.

Dinner might include a tortilla soup, caesar salad, fresh red snapper, ceviche, a variety of vegetarian dishes and maybe some chicken taquitos.

Snacks during the day might include frozen grapes, paletas (fresh fruit popsicles), organic popcorn, jicama/carrot/cucumber slices with lemon/salt/chile, or a margarita pizza with fresh tomatoes.


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