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One of the favorite activities at Playa Viva is releasing baby turtles back to the ocean. Playa Viva can offer this activity to guests because of the hard work of a dozen local volunteers who work nights and take days off from their subsistence living to give back to the environment. The annual budget for this group is small but difficult for the local community to sustain. They rely on $10,000 to $20,000 a year to keep them operating with supplies of gas, maintenance for their all-terrain vehicle used to patrol the beaches, flashlights, rain jackets, etc.


Access to a good education and learning to speak English is fundamental to advancement opportunities for local children in Juluchuca. Funds from the Regenerative Trust are used to support the local school, library and schools up the watershed. This support includes donations from Playa Viva guests through the Pack for a Purpose program as well as projects that need direct funding such as repair of bathrooms, internet access, painting and repairs, planting of gardens, etc.



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Access to quality medical service is a basic community need. The Regenerative Trust is committed to provide funding and partnering with local community members to improve the quality of infrastructure at the local medical center, and provide needed supplies, equipment, training and staffing for local medical service providers. Recently we sponsored the construction of a well to provide clean drinking water for families in need. We also promote preventative health through the healthy cooking classes, and the formation of a youth soccer league.


By providing financial capital, through the Regenerative Trust, as well as access to other types of capital, Playa Viva is helping to create a more resilient and thriving local economy. This involves our guests bringing intellectual, market, social, and other types of capital resources to improve the quality of life locally. What special value to can you and your organization contribute to create opportunity for those with less?


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