Workshops and Yoga Retreats

Yoga retreats and wellness workshops are some of our favorite groups to host at Playa Viva. Click on the links below for more information on the individual workshops and yoga retreats. If you have a favorite teacher or topic, please let us know, send them our way, or contact us about scheduling your own special event.

Seasons 10 Workshops and Yoga Retreats

Turtle Sanctuary Retreat with 109 World

December 6-11, 2018

Experience the unique nature of both loving and nurturing yourself and the world at the same time. At this retreat you will not only practice daily yoga and meditation, you will also help rebuild our local turtle sanctuary. Relax, work on an impactful local project, and build commuinity that will last a lifetime. Click here for full details.
Union, Serenity, Transformation with Marc and Mona Fortin

January 5-12, 2019

Join brother and sister Marc and Mona Fortin for a restorative week of yoga, Qigong, and healing arts.
Yoga Journey to Playa Viva with Ulrika Engman

January 12 - 18, 2019

Ring in the new year with grace with Ulrika Engman. Click here for full details and to book.
Guacamole, Grounding, and Gratitude

January 18 - 22

Join Margi for a long weekend yoga retreat. Click here for full details and to book.
Disconnect to Reconnect with Michelle Lloyd

January 26 - 31, 2019

Begin your year by resetting at Playa Viva. Join Michelle Lloyd for a relaxing week of therapeutic yoga and massage. Click here for full details and to book.

Thrilled to BE Alive with Jake and Hannah Eagle

February 2-9, 2019

Jake and Hannah bring you a unique week long retreat where you will learn to communicate in profound new ways, and refocus your personal work in the celebrations of being alive.  Click here for full details and to book.

Couples Retreat with Anjuli Mahendra & Alok Rocheleau

February 11 - 16, 2019

Join Alok and Anjuli for a rejuvenating Valentine’s retreat. Imagine spending a magical week cultivating effortless, heart-opening practices to revitalize and nourish your relationship to yourself and your partner.  Some of the lasting benefits you can expect to come away with are more flexibility, joy, intimacy, and confidence. Click here for full details and to book.
Restore, Relax, Rejuvenate with Michelle Cordero

February 17 - 23, 2019

Michelle Cordero invites you to treat yourselft deep nourishment through yoga, meditation, and immersion in nature. Click here for full details and to book.
Welcome to paradise with Fallon Lev

February 23 - 27, 2019

Join Fallon and her tribe for 5 days of yoga, rediscovering self, and connecting with nature through surfing, warm water, releasing baby sea turtles at sunrise, and moving and breathing between the mountains and the sea. Click here for full details and to book.
Winter Reset with Sharon Armstrong

February 23 - 28, 2019

"Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you." If you are a lover of travel, nature, connection, growth, and looking to learn more about yourself while furthering your practice, then this Reset is meant for you. Click here for full details and to book.
5 Elements Ayurveda and Yoga Retreat with Kameko Shibata

February 28 - March 5, 2019

Kameko is honored to invite you to Playa Viva for the 5th Annual 5 Elements Yoga + Ayurveda Retreat. Embark on an off-grid beachside 5-night 6-day journey in the art of nourishment! Click here for full details and to book.
Living in Gratitude with Karyn Stillwell

March 8 - 14, 2019

Join Karyn Stillwell in savoring a week of life's simplest and best pleasures while cultivating a deep sense of gratitude for the Earth and each other. Click here for full details and to book.
Viva la Vida with Laura Ahrens

March 23 - 30, 2019

Laura Ahrens will lead a week long yoga-intensive retreat. Practice yoga this retreat will encourage participants to hone the tool of standing strongly in themselves in order to come back to the helm of their own lives. Click here for full details and to book.
Bala Yoga Mexico Retreat with Adam Hawes

April 14 - 20, 2019

Adam Hawes and Bala Yoga bring you a week of transformational workshops, yoga, and meditation. Click here full details and to book.

Past Retreats - 2018

Donovan Yoga and Wellness Retreat with Andi & Special Guests

November 10-16, 2018

Donovan Yoga is bringing their special blend of yoga, fitness, mindfulness and play back to Playa Viva. Click here for full details and to enroll.

Yin & Yang Yoga in Mexico with Erika Chau and Beth Prandini

November 2-6, 2018

Join Erika Chau & Beth Prandini on their 2018 retreat as they guide us through the yin and yang of yoga practice. Click here for full details and to enroll.

The Dawn Project with Ana Méndez and Martha Sierra

October 17-21, 2018

The Dawn project welcomes you for a week of nurturing your body mind and soul, through yoga, cooking classes, meditation, and time to relax in the splendor of nature. Click here for full details and to enroll.

Bliss Yoga Retreat

July 11-15

We invite you to be part of this exceptional adventure, to join us on a great life experience through the practice of yoga and a healthy lifestyle. Let's support Mexico's tourism, ecological and sustainable tourism so we can reconnect with nature, with our planet and with our own selves. Click here for full details.

Aerial Yoga Retreat

July 3-8

Nadi Girl Ayurveda and Skytopia Aerial Arts are combining the forces of yoga and aerial arts to provide a unique experience appropriate for yogis and aerialists of all levels. Click here for full details and to enroll

Yoga + Ayurveda: 200/300 hr Teacher Training

June 9-30, 2018

Join Kameko Shibata, ERYT-500 and David Moreno, RYT-500 for a unique 200 hour teacher training immersion rooted in the ancient teachings of Ayurveda. Click this link for full details and to enroll.

The Dawn Project

May 30 - June 3, 2018

This retreat focuses on balance between mind, body, and soul. Find clarity and become a better version of yourself. The Dawn project provide's the tools to ease the way and eliminate everything that doesn't feel good. During you'll stay you'll share with others, live unique moments, and release everything that no longer belongs to you. Relax, release, and reconnect.  Click this link for full details and to enroll.

Rest & Renew in Mexico over Memorial Day Weekend with Joan Hyman

May 25-29, 2018

Soak up the tranquility of nature and delve into your yoga practice with Joan over Memorial day weekend. Escape from the daily stresses of life and enjoy the quietness of Playa Viva with yoga and meditation. Click here for full details and to enroll.


Spirit Woman Retreat with Rebecca Niziol

May 13-20, 2018

Join us and for this unforgettable week-long spiritual retreat hosted by Rebecca Niziol, where you'll find a resting place for your soul. Click this link for full details and to enroll. Mention Playa Viva Discount Code - PVRNZ when enrolling to save $300.

We Are Young Souls - WAYS ESCAPE "The Next" 

May 2-6, 2018

This is their third, yes, 3rd escape at Playa Viva, a follow up to their popular and amazing work at WAYS ESCAPE II.

Sensual Couples Retreat

April 27th - May 1st
Learn simple skills and powerful ways to deepen your connection with your mate that don’t take a lot of time while effortlessly enhancing romance, passion, and intimacy. Deepen your intimacy and love through sensual playfulness. Click here for full details and to enroll.

Rebellion Yoga Retreat

March 17-23, 2018

Bala Yoga Retreat!

January 20-27, 2018

2017 Retreats

Keep A Breast SURVIVOR Retreat

October 27-30, 2017

International Yoga with Joan Hyman

May 26th - 30th, 2017

Get Ready To Shift Your Reality

Jan 28th - Feb 4th, 2017

Conscious Leadership 2017

January 15th-20th, 2017

If you are interested in hosting a workshop or retreat at Playa Viva...

Playa Viva has become a favorite destination for yoga retreats and wellness workshops. Here retreat leaders and guests are immersed in a spectacularly rich ecological setting, surrounded by the majestic Sierra Madre mountains on one side, and the three mile stretch of pristine each on the other.

At Playa Viva, you can restore health to the mind, body and spirit, without sacrificing the amenities usually found at a 5-star resort. Everything at Playa Viva yoga retreats is yoga-friendly, including the people.

At Playa Viva yoga retreats, you will experience a peace and tranquility you've never known, enabling you to break free of the stresses and pressures of life so that you can focus on a your wellness and healthier existence.

Playa Viva is a favorite choice of yoga leaders and guests who want the perfect combination of beautiful surroundings and pampered living, without the expense of a 5-star resort. Healthy dining is a hallmark of Playa Viva yoga retreats, which aids in the harmony of the body and mind.

Accommodations include private casitas, deluxe suites, studio, and the famous Playa Viva Treehouse, which features a king bed, private bath and magnificent views of the Pacific Ocean.

Whether you are leading yoga retreats or just want to attend one, Playa Viva can help restore vitality, energy, and focus to your life. To learn more about Playa Viva and our yoga retreats please call (800) 397-6093 or visit