How We’re Responding

to COVID-19

at Playa Viva

Important Update

Per the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as of Tuesday, January 26, all air passengers ages two and older must show proof of a negative Covid-19 test to enter the United States. Playa Viva has made arrangements for all guests traveling to the US to obtain a Covid-19 test at Playa Viva (or the local health clinic). We have purchased the antigen test, one of the two tests accepted by the airlines and CDC, from a company called Azumed in Mexico City. They are the largest provider of Covid-19 tests in Mexico. They will be certifying the tests and training the local test administrator.  The test takes minutes to get the results and 24-28 hours to get results certified by Azumed. Due to the costs involved in acquiring the test kits, certifying results and certifying the test administrator, we will be charging $65 USD (plus tax) for the administration of each test. This is a service provided as an added bonus for Playa Viva guests ONLY (and team members if needed) and, unfortunately, we can not provide testing services to the general public who can work with local health services.

  • For more information about the US CDC requirements, see link here, including Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) such as, “what if I have already had Covid-19?”
  • Article from CNN Travel about new travel restrictions from Mexico to the US starting January 26, see here.
  • For more information about Azumed and their Covid-19 testing, please see link here.

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us at

COVID-19 Operations

Our core principles and values still apply today more than ever. Part of those values is offering a place that “Creates Transformational Experiences” and “Promotes Meaningful Community.” COVID-19 is challenging us all as individuals and a community. Below is how we are adapting and evolving our operating procedures to meet the needs of all our stakeholders – our guests, our team and our extended community and ecosystem. We want your feedback about these changes and, just like all constructive criticism we have received from our guests over the years, it will inform how we best meet the needs of our stakeholders while providing that Playa Viva experience you have all come to love and expect.

What we know about COVID-19

  • Social Distancing works in slowing the spread of the virus
  • Wearing a mask significantly reduces the risk of catching and spreading the virus
  • Handwashing (in hot water for 20 seconds) is effective in eliminating the virus
  • Open air spaces and “heavier” air due to the ocean breeze and the heat and humidity of the beach significantly limits the flow of virus particles and their lifetime on natural material surfaces such as wood, mud finish on walls, cotton sheets and towels


Bring a mask. You will be required to wear an appropriate mask in the Common Area. Hand sanitizer will be available throughout the property and especially in Common Areas.

You will be required to answer the following questions before arrival:

  • Do you have new muscle aches not related to another medical condition or another specific activity (e.g. due to physical exercise)?
  • Do you feel like you may have a temperature of greater than 100.0°F (33.7°C)?
  • Do you have sore throat not related to another medical condition (e.g. allergies)?
  • Do you have a new or worsening cough that is not related to another medical condition?
  • Do you have shortness of breath that is not attributable to another medical condition?
  • Do you have recent (less than 5 days) loss of smell and taste?
  • Do you have new onset of vomiting or diarrhea not related to another medical condition?
  • Have you had recent close contact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19?

If you answer yes to any of the questions above, we will ask that you cancel your reservation and come another time when you do not exhibit any of these symptoms.

Arrival and Check-In

Upon arrival, we normally hug our guests. No hugging, sorry. Elbow touches. You will be asked to wash your hands upon arrival or provided with hand sanitizer. All guests will have their temperature taken upon arrival as well as at various times throughout the day (usually meal time when gathering in the Common Area). You will then get the normal tour of the facilities by one of our receptionists or Holistic Hosts on duty. They will point out items of interest and all safety and hygiene protocols. Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about anything at this point or as early in your stay as possible so we can address it.


Keep in mind that all rooms at Playa Viva are open to the fresh air and ocean breeze. Beyond our normal washing and changing of all sheets and towels. Rooms will undergo a deeper cleaning including changing out, deep cleaning and use of a nebulizer with organic cleaning material to make sure all rooms are deep cleaned after each use. When possible, we will rotate rooms so that we give at least 72 hours between guests in each room.  If you chose for housekeeping not to tend your room while at Playa Viva, please advise. Otherwise beds will be made and sheets and towels replaced as normal.  Towels for use in the Common Area will now be available in each room labeled with your room number.

Common Areas and Social Distancing

Keep in mind that all common areas at Playa Viva are open to the fresh air and ocean breeze. As you may know, Playa Viva prides ourselves on providing a balance between public and private spaces allowing changes for guests to come together and meet each other especially in the Common Area. We will require guests wear masks in the Common Area. If you do not have a mask, we have masks made by a local artisan available for purchase in the boutique. Every guest will have their own comfort level with social distancing and we will encourage you to communicate with each guest to find a mutual comfort level. We have plenty of spaces that allow for privacy and will assign a beach palapa to each room so that you will use the same one during your entire stay. The cushions will be removed after you leave and washed thoroughly for the next arriving guest to have a clean location. All surfaces will be wiped down more often, sanitized and cleaned. If you want one of our staff members to clean any surface before your use, please ask.


Practice safe social distancing while using the pool. Please be considerate and rotate use with other guests so that each guest has a chance to use the pool. Masks are not required in the pool.

Each guest will be assigned a yoga mat, blocks and straps upon arrival (marked with a safety pin with their room number and a letter – i.e. 1A, 1B, 1C, 2A, 2B, etc.). This will be your yoga equipment for the duration. This is to limit use of equipment across multiple people. We can assist you in cleaning and storing your equipment between use.


Food service will see the most changes. Playa Viva is known for our delicious buffet and shared meals. Again, to limit contact, we will either be offering plated service or a served buffet. Served buffet will mean one of our team members will assist you as you go through the buffet to fill your plate to limit exposure to food items by guests. Plated service is similar to restaurant service but instead of ordering off a menu, you will be served the menu of the day. As usual, the kitchen will address all dietary concerns. Make sure this is communicated to us prior to arrival so our team can prepare. Drinks which used to be self-serve will be served by one of our team members. Again, to limit contact and potential contamination. When we have groups traveling together we will assign seating in our larger tables. For smaller parties, we will also work with you to find a smaller table of your choice or divide our larger tables into parties at either end with sufficient separation.


We will limit our excursions to activities that can happen at Playa Viva on our 200 acres and our beachfront. This includes tours of the farm, the turtle sanctuary, hikes, etc.  Until we can ensure that tour operators can provide a safe environment or the destinations of tours are safe (hygienic and operating for COVID) we will not offer those tours.

Our Commitment to the Environment

During COVID-19 we remain committed to using effective organic cleaning products whenever possible. This includes products to clean linens, towels, and surfaces. We seek to avoid the use of single-use cleaning products such as disposable wipes and gloves. We continue to use cleaning towels and protective gloves that can be thoroughly washed and reused after each use.


While our check out will not be 100% contactless and will not be made across a plexiglass barrier, we will do all we can to ensure a hygienic and safe environment for check out. Credit cards will be handled via gloves or wiped with alcohol (to make sure they are handled 100% clean). Also, no hugging upon departure, while that seems to be a rite of passage for guests, we will need to refrain from hugging and resort to elbow taps for now.

As mentioned above, this situation is fluid and as we learn more about how to best operate during COVID19, we will adjust accordingly. We will rely on your cooperation, your support and your communication at every stage to let us know we are doing and what we need to do better.

Our core goal is to ensure the health and wellbeing of ALL our stakeholders – our guests, our team and our community and ecosystem.