Find Peace at Playa Viva

Let Your Transformational Story Unfold Naturally

  Playa Viva has this way of creating growth in those who cross its path. This sustainable boutique hotel is filled with an incredible energy that flows through all different areas of the hotel, the farm, the community. This energy is one of the things that make this place so special. That’s how people evolve […]

The Gift of a New Turtle Sanctuary

109 World Helps Build Our New Turtle Sanctuary Each year 1000s of mother sea turtles return to the beaches around Playa Viva to lay their eggs.  These turtle nests are increasingly vulnerable to both predators and poaching, but since 2001 they have been protected by the dedicated volunteers at La Tortuga Viva.  The volunteers patrol […]

Closing out Season 9 with a new round of volunteers

We are eternally grateful for all volunteers past and present who have contributed to the Playa Viva project. Here's a little about our most recent volunteers. If you are interested in volunteering, please send inquiries to Rachel Bubb USA 3-months, Agriculture + Community Garden Intern What's your "story"? (Where are you from and what […]

Reflecting back on 2017 and Season 8

Wow, another year  has flown by at Playa Viva. After having spent all of 2017 working with the wonderfully dedicated Playa Viva staff and numerous volunteers who came to us from around the world, I can say I have seen a lot happen in just one year. I started working with Playa Viva a little […]

Season 9: Meet the Playa Viva Volunteers

It’s a new season at Playa Viva and a new round of volunteers have joined our team. Have a read about what they’re up to over the next few months.   Débora Newlands, Brasil, Turtle Sanctuary What’s your “story”? Where do you come from? Tell us a little about how you arrived here. Olá! I’m […]

Taking a hard look at sustainable seafood

I’ll never forget when a guest asked me the question, “Was this fish caught today?" Her head turned toward the sea as she watched a local fishermen stroll by on the beach. She asked, "did one of these local fishermen catch it?” I was totally unprepared to answer her question. Seafood had actually been on […]

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