“Push” to Open

One week till Playa Viva officially opens for Season 6. Lots of improvements coming online including a new well, LED amber lighted paths to rooms, repairs to the bridge and upgrades to internet. Yes, Telmex finally installed telephone and Internet service to Juluchuca but we are still 1.7km, as the crow flies, away from the […]

What you can measure you can manage

When we first undertook the GIIRS (Global Impact Investing Rating System) assessment in 2013, we realized that while we thought we were doing "all the right things" we could do a better job of tracking our progress to see if we were actually getting it right. Thus obtaining key metrics and measuring our performance against those metrics […]

Precious Treasures of Playa Viva

Treasures abound at Playa Viva.  The garden is overflowing with jewels from the land with lettuce, carrots, beats and tomatoes. So many tomatoes. The staff doesn't know what to do with them. What do we do with all these tomatoes? And then, David surprised us all with his unannounced arrival at Playa Viva. All I […]

Canasta Viva – The Bounty Just Begins

This is a photo taken by one of the members of the Canasta Viva CSA (Community Supported Agriculture). This is just the second basket delivered, and while it is a little heavy on tomatoes and limes (staples of the Mexican diet), our goal is to start adding leafy greens and other produce not readily available […]

Julia Butterfly Hill First Visit to Playa Viva

Last week we had a very special visitor, Julia Butterfly Hill (here pictured with Odin Ruz, Permaculture Team Leader).  It was a great treat to have Julia join us for the week where she enjoyed a tour of Playa Viva, turtle release and lots of swimming in the ocean.  We had met Julia breifly and […]

Bamboo Frames

Michel Lewis, architect for Playa Viva, sent this photo of the one-bedroom casita (suite). Photo was taken during his visit last week. The frame of the casitas is made of bamboo (highly renewable materials which have been planted at Playa Viva).  The palapero has just started to work on the thatched roof hut made from […]

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