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Posted by Playa Viva on December 29, 2023

Over the last 15 years, Playa Viva has become a cherished home away from home for our valued guests. Here are 15 keys that define Playa Viva:

  1. Friendly – Be among friends – our team is here as your hosts to ensure you engage fully with their community and experience their beautiful Mexican culture. Every need is met with a smile, think motherly love rather than starched uniforms and white-gloves… this is our team’s home as well as yours, we are all a family.
  2. Holistic – A whole systems thinking approach to wellness- when you stay here you are nurtured by nutritious food, revitalized by daily yoga, and relaxed during oceanside spa treatments.
  3. Spacious – Just 19 rooms with access to 200 acres of abundant tropical landscape, including 1-mile of beachfront, a 20-acre permaculture farm, three yoga shalas and a turtle sanctuary.
  4. Transformative whether you try yoga for the first time, have a go at planting maize, or simply sipping a basil margarita from a hammock is your idea of living on the edge, we guarantee a transformative shift by the time check-out arrives.
  5. Reciprocal – your visiting Playa Viva helps us to help our community. You engage one-on-one with the locals who are proud to share what makes their home special.
  6. Private – A select set of guests contributes to a more intimate atmosphere. By balancing private and public spaces we foster a sense of community and belonging. Solo travelers, couples and families can all enjoy the pristine beach and the peace while electing to be part of something bigger than themselves. At Playa Viva you can come by yourself but you don’t have to be alone.
  7. Inspiring – Spending the night nestled in one of our award-winning, oceanside treehouses and casitas immersed in the luxury of nature will inspire awe.
  8. Local – Excursions and activities are curated to engage with the local community. You are not going on a ‘tour,’ you are sharing real life experiences,  immersed in the day to day life of people, locals, who love their community and are proud to share their home with you, their guest. 
  9. Grounded – A space that encourages you to find time to be fully present, appreciate all that surrounds you, and let the “immersion in the luxury of nature” be your medicine.
  10. Nourished- From Farm-To-Table food and cocktails and Barrel-to-Bottle wine, we source as local as possible so you can enjoy the most delicious food and beverages with a minimal footprint as you travel. 
  11. Thoughtful – It is often said by guests that “Playa Viva gives you not what you want but what you need.” It’s all in the intricate design and service details that we have developed over 15 years.
  12. Peaceful – No soundtrack required, the ocean is your playlist. The Pacific waves will lull you to sleep and provide a show each morning as baby turtles return to the ocean, dolphins play in the waves, pelicans skim the surface, and whales breach.
  13. Immersive – Join  new moon ceremonies, cultural celebrations, music and more embracing the opportunity to celebrate life in community.
  14. Genuine – One of the highest-rated B-Corp certified hotels in the world! We do the hard work, now you can just relax knowing you are at a place “Where Your Vacation Meets Your Values.™ ”
  15. Inclusive – “Family friendly, LGBTQ+ friendly, dog-friendly, just unfriendly to unfriendlies.”

Home is where the heart is, so go out for adventure and come home for love, Playa Viva is your beach home and we look forward to welcoming you back soon.

Photo by @wildwellnessguide


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