Excellence in Tourism- Playa Viva awarded at FITUR in Madrid

Posted by Playa Viva on January 25, 2024

What do the cliff divers of Acapulco, the Posadas de Taxco and Playa Viva have in common? All have been recognized by the The Excellence Awards by Groupo Excellencias!

On the 24 of January 2024 Playa Viva was awarded The Excellence in Tourism Award 2024 during Fitur in Madrid. Playa Viva was selected as the winner for this prestigious award from a group of outstanding tourism operations by an independent judging panel of international trailblazers and personalities working within Tourism, Art and Gastronomy, headed by José Carlos de Santiago as president of the Grupo Excelencias.

Among more than 1 thousand applications from over 25 countries, only 45 projects were awarded. Playa Viva has received this significant commendation thanks to our:

  • Conceptualization, planning, and 100% sustainable operation that also considers environmental, sociocultural and economic needs.
  • Internationally award-winning sustainable bamboo and wood architecture
  • Driving social and environmental change- Support of the La Tortuga Viva turtle sanctuary and 20-acre Permaculture Farm and extensive programs in the local watershed across education, water, permaculture, marine conservation and reforestation 
Lic. Santos Ramírez Cuevas, The Secretary of Tourism for the State of Guerrero collecting the award on our behalf in Madrid on January 24, 2024

Since their inception The Excellence Awards have become the benchmark in the field of tourism and gastronomy in Latin America. The spirit of the awards is to give well-deserved recognition to outstanding people and projects in tourism worldwide. In the history of the awards, the State of Guerrero has only been awarded three times. Once to recognize the cliff divers of Acapulco with their 80-year history and another award was given to the Posadas de Taxco with its 300-year history, in both cases to recognize their cultural significance. This is the first time a singular brand and hotel has been nominated and won. To achieve the Award of Excellence by this esteemed group and panel is a huge achievement for Playa Viva and the wider state of Guerrero and Mexican Tourism. 

“Playa Viva is driven to showcase how tourism can function in a different way, that honors all stakeholders including the natural world in a regenerative manner. Receiving international recognition for our regenerative tourism model is a huge vote of confidence for us, for our team, for our community, and for the entire State of Guerrero and Mexico as a whole. Regeneration for us is about co-evolution and we truly believe that if we have managed to become a world-leading example of regenerative tourism here, in Juluchuca, then it really is achievable anywhere in the world. Thank you for the Department of Tourism for Guerrero for nominating us and thank you to FITUR for recognizing us with this Award of Excellence.” David Leventhal, Co-founder and Operating Manager at Playa Viva

Thank you all who have participated in our start, evolution and growth. We look forward to another 15 years of trailblazing in the regenerative tourism space and offering an experience “Where Your Vacation Meets Your Values”

All of the 2024 Premios Excellencias award winners in Madrid on January 24, 2024

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