Sal Viva: The Salt of Life

Working the salt, raking by hand, the same was it has been done for centuries.

Playa Viva has been working with the local artisanal salt coop to develop a more equitable market for their product.

As the packaging states:

"Originally gifted as tribute to Aztec kings, Sal Viva has been harvested by hand in Juluchuca, Mexico in the same fashion for centuries.

Summer rains wash the rich minerals off the Sierra Madre range filling seaside lagoons, eventually bursting past sand barriers, fusing with the salty Pacific Ocean. As heat evaporates the lagoons, peasant farmers hand form calcium drying ponds and rake in Sal Viva.

Healthy and flavor enhancing, use on your table, for savory cooking, rimming margaritas or sipping tequila."

Now this very special salt is being made generally available. If you are interested in purchasing salt for your use, please contact us by sending an email to and include the words “Sal Viva” in the subject line.

This artisanal salt is great for in restaurants, purchase at specialty food stores or for use at home."

Sal Viva is produced by members of a coop. Currently there are approximately 120 members of the coop. We've been told that about 80 members are actively farming salt. Of those approximately half are harvesting the salt using traditional methods that include handmade calcium drying ponds. The other half, unfortunately, have turned to using less expensive plastic lined ponds which are slightly faster and cheaper methods of production. The bad news is that the plastic leaches into the salt and, worse, at the end of the harvest season, when the rains come, the plastic is left to pollute the lagoon.

By purchasing Sal Viva you are supporting only the traditional, artisanal salt producers, paying them a fair market price for their product. This premium allows all members of the coop to move away from cheaper plastic production and back to the traditional "organic" means of harvesting. By purchasing Sal Viva you are promoting both fair trade pricing* and a more sustainable and environmentally friendly production process. *We are working on Fair Trade Certification but currently do not have certification in place.

To purchase Sal Viva just send us an email letting us know how many 8oz containers you need. We recommend minimum order of two packages, one for you and one as a gift.

For more photos of the Sal Viva production go click here and under the Photo Gallery select "Eco-Friendly Products" then click "Go".

Thank you for your support and see you soon! The Playa Viva Team

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