Phase IV


La Historia de Playa Viva

Founded in 2006, Playa Viva developed the property using Regenerative Design methodology in conjunction with the Regenesis Group. The hotel opened in October 2008 with five rooms. The property has 200 acres, originally coconut, mango, tamarind grove and farmland, and features 1.3 km (almost one mile) of beautiful and pristine beachfront. We are located just a 35-minute drive south of the Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa International Airport (ZIH) on the Pacific Coast of Mexico, which is marked by the Sierra Madre mountains, rivers flowing into estuaries and lagoons dotting the coastline.

In October of 2011, Playa Viva added three Queen EcoCasitas, growing to eight rooms, built with debt financing from Verde Ventures (Conservation International) and Root Capital (since paid back in full). Using internal funding, in October of 2015, Playa Viva added three King EcoCasitas, the award-winning and iconic Treehouse and the epic Yoga Shala plus a boutique/office/guest apartment building and other needed infrastructure. Using cash flow from operations, Playa Viva has added a second yoga deck, massage huts on the beach and additional infrastructure, plus added two key management roles to our team, a full-time ermaculture manager and a full-time social and environmental impact (SEI) manager.

Based on our reaching capacity with our current 12 rooms and maxing at 35 guests plus reaching cash flow breakeven, we are now seeking capital (primarily in the form of debt financing) to expand our offering, which will allow us to increase revenues by 50% but expenses by only 25%.


Playa Viva is 3 km from the town of Juluchuca which has approximately 500 residents. We are proud to be the largest employer locally with approximately 35 employees from Juluchuca, Rancho Nuevo, and other nearby cities, and have an all-women management team. Our work significantly impacts hundreds of residents. We completed our first baseline Impact Study in 2018 to statistically understand our true impact to the constituencies we serve. We publish an annual Impact Report outlining our work in the community and local ecosystem.

In 2012, we obtained our GIIRS Certification resulting in a score of 123.


Expansion Plans and Drawings

  • Six (6) New Rooms - Treehouse Village to compliment existing structure generating strong ADR (average daily room rate) and occupancy numbers.
  • Expansion of Common Area - kitchen, dining room, new pool, upgraded restrooms and bar to accommodate growing from 12 to 18 rooms.
  • Additional Infrastructure - solar systems, thermal water, water systems and wastewater treatment to support new rooms.
  • Multipurpose Room - to host indoor events during inclement weather extending group bookings and to support staff needs.
  • Staff Housing - to accommodate additional Holistic Hosts and “in-residence” programs.

Social Media and Reviews









Financial Projections

Financial projections below show revenue projections for 2020 (both without adding six more rooms and with six additional rooms) plus an estimated loan and loan repayment schedule.


David Leventhal

Owner, Playa Viva • +1 (415) 269-6974

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