Sustainable Beauty

Posted by odysys_admin on March 17, 2008


When I told my husband “it will cost a little more, but I feel much better about it”, he did not groan.  This is the last reaction I thought I’d get.  Not only didn’t he complain, he added, “if you can’t eat it, you shouldn’t put it on your skin.”

Call it a mid-life beauty crisis, whatev— I’m switching the routine.

I wish I was one of those naturally gorgeous women who did not have to concern myself with this stuff.  *sigh*  I’m your typical 50 y.o. mom, wife, athletic-type, business owner.  Dry skin, crows feet, dull hair– the whole can ‘o worms.  I need all the help I can get.  As a sort of ‘girly-girl’, I admit that I love browsing the beauty section of the drug store as much as anyone.  But, for the love of our health!… have you read the ingredients of this stuff we slather on our bod’s?!  It isn’t anything we should ingest by mouth, or skin!

I have changed a great deal about my beauty (ahem) regime.  Starting with the lotions / potions I put on my skin.  I have been a long time fan of a small company in Berkeley, CA– Grateful Body.   I love their stuff.  (The 30 + skin care is amazing).  Their philosophy, leadership and offering all works in our best interest.  I keep myself well-stocked with GB and anything from Dr. Hauschka.

Additionally, I have decided to do away with all the chemicals I have been treating my hair with.  It’s a nightmare what it does to our eco-system and health.  I just signed up to go totally natural w/ haircare.  While doing so I also support an incredible women in our local community.  I have an upcoming appointment at Isvara— if Elizabeth can’t keep my head natural, no one can.

Finally, here’s my ultimate hedonistic committment to a healthier planet:  Good Clean Love.  These potions rock and provide us with more reason to keep love sustainable.  (Maybe this is the real reason my husband isn’t complaining).