Home Made Soap at Playa Viva. Perfecting the Process.

Posted by odysys_admin on February 11, 2013

ImageDuring a recent visit to Playa Viva,  we made our second batch of soap with Lorraine, currently on tour of duty as the Yoga/Massage/Host at Playa Viva.  She just sent us this note related to continuing with our soap making efforts.

“I was able to make soap on Sunday with Gabriel.  The minimum amount being 10 liters.  After re-reading the information sheet on bio-diesel it states that for every 1 liter of soap 50 milligrams are required of essential oils.  I experimented with one liter adding chocolate and peppermint.  The remainder I left un-scented. This being the 3rd batch ready for use 2/21/13.

What I did do was re-melt the remaining pieces left over after cutting the 2nd batch and scenting two samples and adding oatmeal to one. I left the rest un-scented which smells nice and not overly fragrant.  This will be ready for use 2/27/13.

ImageI cut round pieces and asked the housekeeping team to place them in the rooms instead of the regular soap. We now make a point to inform the guest about Playa Viva soap in the rooms. Since then we have had a total 4 sales at $5.00 for a three pack.  The guest love it!

The only thing I would make other than bar soap would be the liquid soap that is used for general cleaning because the glycerin would be good for all wooded surfaces.

My recommendation:  in order for your soap product to come out, once the proportions are established would be to:

  • pay Gabriel [who currently runs the bio-diesel production] to make it
  • let it set for 3 weeks, then have the housekeeping staff reheat it, (I taught them how to do this)
  • at this time you can add fragrance (which can be costly) let it set another 3 weeks before using.
  • This process allows the Sosa [lye] to evaporate leaving a nicer product.