Our Message To You Regarding COVID-19

Posted by Playa Viva on March 19, 2020

These are unprecedented times.  Below is an update on how Playa Viva is responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, and how we can all help our community and ecosystem be resilient in our response to this crisis.

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Mar 19: Update from Playa Viva

Many of you are asking how the Playa Viva and Local Community are doing.  We are happy to report that we are safe & healthy and our community is very much aware of the situation.  Health is our priority and as of March 19th we will close the hotel for the safety of our community.  We will reopen when it is safe for all, and we hope you will join us then.  In the meantime, as the hotel is closed workers will unavoidably lose some income.  We have promised our workers, even those part time workers, that we will be there for them.  At minimum we will support them with food stipends and meet their needs to purchase medicines.

We welcome your help, so if you’d like to support our team and community please donate to our regenerative trust with this link.

In the Community

As you know, we are more than just a hotel.  Hospitality is our passion but only a small part of what we do here – our regenerative projects are what make us who we are, and why you chose to travel with us.  We are a project – which includes our dedication to the health, wellness and resilience of the local community and ecosystem.

For the time being, our community work will be limited due to the need for social distancing, but when that phase is passed, this work needs to continue in earnest.  Here are 3 ongoing projects support the resilience of the local community and ecosystem.


Help a Student stay in School and avoid dropping out from lack of resources.  Our Adopt-A-Student program covers uniforms, all school fees, school lunches, & school supplies as well as mentorship to help the students in the program succeed.

To support this project email Colleen@playaviva.com

Banana Circles

Banana circles are used to capture normal household water runoff, receive kitchen and yard waste, and to produce a diverse harvest for a family.  Your contribution towards a banana circle in our small town helps on different levels.  It reduces the health risks from standing water, encourages harvest and consumption of nutrient-dense calories in the home, and supports our social, ecological and permaculture efforts in our community.

To support this project, email Amanda@playaviva.com


La Tortuga Viva needs your help in it’s conservation work.  Adopt-A-Nest for yourself, your family or someone important and you’ll help us make sure they get released safely in the ocean.

To support this project, email Lorenzo@playaviva.com