Sunset over Playa VivaMorning came; I woke up with the sun elegantly beaming through my casita netting. The sound of the waves crashing awakened my senses at the right moment. No alarm clock was needed. Seven thirty is the perfect time to arise here at Playa Viva, just in time for breakfast number one. I showered in the outdoor/indoor cool streaming waters and after headed for morning coffee before walking twenty minutes to release the Golfina baby sea turtles into the ocean. Playa Viva supports a local turtle sanctuary that helps protect the local endangered species of turtles. It’s a sad thing knowing that only few survive once released, however it is a life cycle. With our help here at Playa Viva the local endangered turtle population (such as the Leatherback) will increase.

Walking back twenty minutes to Playa Viva through the soft sand, ocean waves and washed up jelly fish made us all ready for a relaxing yoga session. Jamie, the yoga instructor and massage therapist enlightened us with a sun salutation session as we faced the Pacific ocean.

Breakfast was served. Scrambled eggs and red sauce, cantaloupe, salsa, cereal, and pancakes with caramel sauce filled everyone’s bellies. The atmosphere of the staff and guests is just astounding. Everyone is at peace, happy, and serene as they all experience the still world of Playa Viva.

There is an hour to an hour and a half walk through the gardens surrounding Playa Viva. Jamie was explaining to us the regenerative plans in the level 1, 2 and 3 areas around the resort. Level 1 is the restoring process. Level 2, Playa Viva is letting nature take its course, the preserving process. They have regenerated the natural soil to enhance the natural ecosystem and the rest, Mother Nature will provide. Level 3 is a cultivating process where gardens are maintained by the local people.

From my experience thus far, Playa Viva works hard to sustain, promote, and restore the nature surrounding the resort. Not only with physical environmental work with the local area, but with the resorts initiatives as well. Having no television, an organic digester for the filtration systems, solar energy, saline pool, wide open spaces (no air-conditioning), locally grown and caught food, involvement of the guests’ participation in local sustainability initiatives such as baby sea turtle releasing, informational garden hike and trips to the local wildlife refuge.

The sun is softly setting over the Pacific coast, it’s time for dinner.

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