New Pair of Shoes and School Supplies

Posted by odysys_admin on January 12, 2014

PFaP1Contribution by Evan Silberstein, host at Playa Viva.

On the first day back to school after Holiday break and fresh on the heels of Three Kings Day (Dia de los Reyes), Playa Viva visited three local schools and the library in Juluchuca to deliver the bounty of supplies our guests have brought with them thus far in Season 5.

Pens, pencils, markers, crayons, paints, books, pads , rulers, calculators and lots more, including over thirty pairs of sneakers and shoes, were safely delivered to the local Kindergarden, Elementary and High School right here in Juluchuca. The library also received a great pile of new reading materials and some sorely needed supplies.

Several guests joined Johnny, Evan and Oliver (our newest permaculture and garden volunteer) for a fun day meeting and sharing with the local community. We greatly appreciate each donation that our guests make and work hard to make sure they are shared equitably to those places in our community that are most in need.

PFaP3Our next scheduled delivery is later this spring for Niños Day on April 30. We thank you in advance for your generous donations to this community outreach and support program at Playa Viva.

NOTE from Playa Viva: School Supplies are brought by guests as part of our participation in the Pack for a Purpose Program as well as our relationship with Debra Reynolds, who on her own works with local shoes stores in the SF Bay Area to collect shoes as parents turn in slightly used shoes to buy new ones for their growing children. Rather than have those shoes become waste, they are donated to needy kids, in this case, in our community.  In many cases, these shoes are as good as new.  An internet search found this organization, Soles4Souls, with the same mission.   Thank you all for donations, contributions and for carrying entire suitcases of shoes to Playa Viva for distribution.