Lights, Camera, Action!

The landscape changes constantly at Playa Viva. We move from week to week, each day different, each group varies, each visitor unique.  Last week we had mostly couples enjoying each others’ company, this week is a circus, literally.

We start with Caroline Harrison, filmmaker – Hive Studios, who is capturing the sense of place that is Playa Viva. Lights reflecting, visual clarity, smiling faces, Caroline’s filming is astounding as we walk side-by-side towards the sea. I enjoy watching her as she directs every angle to shoot.  The light glistens softly on Gloria’s face; she gives that infamous smile as she waters the tropical alpinia purpurata flowers. Next, it is Valentines Day at Juluchuca School and all the children are dancing with heart candies wrapped around their neck and laughter abounds. Caroline captures each moment elegantly, gliding the camera smoothly to capture the smiling faces. Laughter is an important aspect to great filming. The universal tool for making anyone laugh is the simple laugh of your own from behind the camera. I have faith that Caroline’s shots will turn out exquisite –  even the slow motion sunset and the underwater turtle photography.  Caroline puts her all into filming, and if there’s one word I can say to describe the process of astounding filmography it would be “patience”.

Meanwhile eight kids ages 2 to 10 are clowning around Playa Viva. David and Caroline have led a large group from Toronto that has taken over Playa Viva. Daily, David teaches clowning to the youngsters pushing their limits of coordination and timing as Catherine stretches the limits among the adults through Ashtanga yoga. Everyone is having a ball, sprinting into the ocean, jumping in the pool, sitting around the campfire exchanging stories, and hiking through the gardens devouring succulent, sweet, vine picked Roma tomatoes. Catherine is a professional at suspended acrobatics. She hangs from two silk sheets tied from the ceiling that, when not in use by Catherine, are flowing in the breeze. She climbs up then floats down, gracefully, flowing almost to the floor with her head hanging suspended only 5 inches from the ground. David is juggling 5 balls as once, he looks up toward the camera and suddenly the little ones join in. The timing is perfect.

Livelihood here at Playa Viva is bustling with this group of 20! Ethnic music radiates throughout the entire place. Basil margarita glasses clink with one another. Food, fun, friends and family – all define this week’s experience at Playa Viva, and we’ve only just begun!

What can be captured to portray a sense of place at Playa Viva?  So much fits into the frame.  Your experience, like life, is exactly what you make it out to be.  We just provide a beautiful and natural frame, the action and emotion is what you create while here.  When I asked Caroline to tell me what she has captured, her answer is simple: “Peace, Joy, Nature, Intimacy and Fun”.

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