How Playa Viva Guests and Local Community Work Together

Around mid-November a yoga retreat from Breathe Together Yoga Studio in California graced us with their presence at Playa Viva. During their stay a few of its participants took a local tour with Johnny around town, visiting the schools, the local coconut candy factory, and the small stands selling homemade jams and other edibles. During their tour, they saw something peculiar happening: they noticed large barrels of water being trucked in and families washing clothes in the river. They asked Johnny what was happening and he explained how the town’s water pump had failed.


A couple weeks prior to the retreat, the pump that brings water into the town of Juluchuca had given way, leaving families to either purchase water or, for those who could not afford it, make trips to the river every day. The cost to replace the pump totaled about 2,000 USD. Raising funds proved to be a real hardship for the town, only garnering about $150 USD during the first round of collections. Most families simply could not afford to pay for the new pump and the supplies necessary to install it.

Guests who went on the local tour brought this need back to the rest of the group who immediately jumped on board with support and offers to help. They discussed with Johnny how much money the town needed, learning that the town still needed to raise $900. A second round of collections was in process where officials were going door-to-door trying to collect money for the pump from the residents.

The group decided collectively to donate a minimum $700 to the purchase of the new pump, which PV would buy and then receive reimbursement from the president, town, and The Ocean Foundation (our fiscal sponsor).

Everyone in the town who made the pump possible!

After receiving the generous donation from the Breathe Los Gatos Retreat, a new pump was purchased and water once again flowed to Juluchuca. Helping restore water to the town was an enormous victory — leaving the town grateful and its donors filled with compassion.

“Helping restore water to the town for me was the highlight of my vacation. Unsafe drinking water, poor sanitation and inadequate hygiene – is one of the leading causes of death among children under the age of five. It also plays a large role in keeping people poor. I was beyond thankful for the privilege to join the retreat at PV and being able to share that thankfulness by giving back to the town who hosted us, warmed my heart and filled my soul.” – Charlene Chen, Retreat Participant

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