Turtle Stats for January

Just got the report in from the volunteer team at the Tortuga Feliz.  The number of turtles released is slowing down in January with 11,428 turtles released.  Compared to last year, this is a reduction of close to 4,000 turtles, a significant drop. We will be watching to see if this persists and try determine the cause.  The good news is that 42 highly endangered baby Leatherback Turtles were released.

If you have not seen it yet. Please check out the video in the Multimedia section of our website about the Tortuga Feliz.

Turtle Dive

While visiting the site last week, we released over 500 turtles.  In January, the tide carries in lots of sand creating a sand bar about 50 meters out. So after releasing the turtles we went out to body surf in the waves. As we walked out, we found ourselves “swimming with the turtles” as they battled the waves to head out to see.  Here is a photo of a young  turtle taking his first swim along side me.

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