A Real Margarita – From Our House to Yours

Playa Viva Signature Organic Basil Margarita Recipe

These days it’s pretty common to “celebrate” Cinco de Mayo with a “Mexican” adult beverage likely produced by a major international corporation.  This year, if you feel like celebrating, why not do it with a real margarita that’s really from Mexico.

It’s been almost 10 years since Juan Carlos Solís, aka Johnny developed our Signature Organic Basil Margarita.  Johnny has gone on to found his own adventure tour company that manages activities for Playa Viva guests, but this recipe lives on as a testament to his time as a bartender.  By popular demand it is still the Playa Viva house drink.

It’s not too tart or too sweet, but it’s just right.  It’s so just right, that it’s too good, if that’s possible, so don’t celebrate too much!

The key is not only “the mix” but, in this case, “the ingredients”; and that’s why you need fresh lime, organic basil, agave nectar and an organic tequila of your choice.  Then finish it off with Sal Viva which is harvested down the road in the salt flats.   The rest is up to your ability to meet Johnny’s original challenge, mix up the perfect margarita.

Playa Viva’s Organic Basil Margarita:

· 4 leaves of organic basil
· 1 lime
· 1 ½ oz of 4 Copas organic tequila (or other organic tequila)
· 1 teaspoon of agave nectar (agave honey – “Miel de Agave”)
· 5 large cubes of ice
· Thin layer of Sal Viva in a dish (for rimming glass)

Tools of the trade:
· Blender
· Shaker Glass
· Plate for salt to rim glass
· Glass

Blending the drink:
· Start with the four leaves of organic basil. Place them in a blender, then squeeze in juice from lime, add the tequila and blend (without ice)
· Once blended, pour the blended mix into a shaker glass with the ice and add the agave nectar
· Margarita should be shaken (not stirred)
· Take the remaining lime and rim the mouth of the glass to add moisture so when you dip the glass in a plate with Sal Viva, the salt sticks to the rim
· Pour in the shaken mix into a glass for the perfect Playa Viva Organic Basil Margarita.

Enjoy Responsibly!

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