Bioneers — Who are we?


Bioneers is a conference that takes place in Marin, California each year sometime in October. It is a “…forum for connecting the environment, health, social justice, and spirit within a broad progressive framework.” I have a science / engineering background so I appreciate the more technical elements of Bioneers, although at times must confess to feeling like the conference is a bit light on the science. I also have to say I have been incredibly inspired and even moved by this conference. The love, devotion and concern of these bioneers for our planet is outstanding, and part of why I quit my job (building catastrophe simulation models for insurance and reinsurance companies) was motivated by my rising concern for the health of our planet that was made apparent to me during these conferences: It seems to me that building sustainable community is the only real cure for reducing global warming and at the same time enriching our lives. Check out for more info.

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