Pizza Party – Learn to Make Pizza at Playa Viva

Posted by odysys_admin on June 10, 2010

Yesterday was Pizza Day. The wood oven was fired and guests were invited to learn to make their own pizza, from making and kneading the dough, to building the perfect pesto pizza.  Part of the Playa Viva experience is getting closer to your food.  Heading out into the garden to pick your own basil to make the pesto, picking the tomatoes,  learning about different types of oregano, shopping in a traditional Mexican market for ingredients, not to mention the pleasure of sharing the fruits of your labor with other guests.

Chef Alejandro, seen in the photo on the right with guest Deborah Beim, worked in an Italian Bistro in Menlo Park, California before returning home to Juluchuca to be with his family.  While he loves the food of his native Mexico,  Italian fare is his favorite and pizza’s are his specialty.


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