Iguana Rescue at Playa Viva

The two newest guests at Playa Viva are a male and female iguana rescued from locals who were selling them for…well, someone else’s dinner.  This is the first step in setting up what might become a larger iguana reserve at Playa Viva. We have been approached by municipal ecologists about setting up an iguana reserve in addition to supporting the local turtle sanctuary. 

Odin, head of the permaculture team, put his crew to work and in just a few hours, they had made quick work and set up a nice pen for this pair of iguanas with drift wood and an ocean view.  The goal is for them to become accustomed to being in this area and over time, expand their pen and then eliminate it all together, generating a sense of comfort for the iguanas who will then feel secure enough appear out in the open in this area for everyone to enjoy.

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