Love The Oceans & Win A Trip!

Not a bad deal.  If you love the oceans, (and who doesn’t?!), you have to check out Ocean Champions.  Ocean Champions is the only national, bipartisan political voice for the oceans.  That’s right.  They actually work to get pro-ocean political candidates elected, thereby securing healthy ocean policy.  They have done lots of outstanding work that you should know about.  As one of their supporters stated, “The oceans are the only reason we all haven’t died from CO2 poisoning.”  Makes you feel kind of protective, huh?

As part of OC’s campaign to attract ocean enthusiasts supporters, they are offering a contest where you and friends can come down for a visit to Playa Viva!

Okay, you got me.  OC is indeed a strategic partner of Playa Viva.  So, of course I shamelessly promote their efforts.  We love everyone who stands for the health of this beautiful planet.

Check it out.  You may win the trip down to visit us in Zihuatanejo.  (There’s some great surfing down here!).

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