Turning the Tables on The Team

Staff DinnerRight after the holiday rush, we had a little break and Julia took advantage of this lull to take the entire service team out to a “fancy” dinner.  This was both a “thank you” as well as a training moment as many of the team who are supposed to be providing a luxury level service  for our guests have never experienced that level of luxury themselves. The perfect choice for this dinner was at one of our favorite local little boutique hotels in Zihuatanejo – Amuleto.   NOTE: We hope to be able to visit with all the other great boutique hotels in Zihuatanejo to share your great service and offerings with our team…one at a time.

Everyone had a great time, maybe too good a time…ask Julia to tell you the stories of the late night in Zihuatanejo.

The only downside of this “perk” was that all the other team members (the permaculture and security team) wanted to know why they weren’t invited as well.  In fairness, they all go out as a group more often, just not to such “luxurious” locations.

To our guests, we thought you would enjoy seeing the tables being turned and seeing Abraham, Olga, Elisea, Miguel, Inez, Johnny and Julia being served rather than doing the serving.

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