What’s a Guy to Do?

Posted by odysys_admin on December 19, 2007

Surf Map of Guerrero We have recently been fielding a lot of questions from folks looking to become co-owners at Playa Viva and interestingly many of the questions have to deal with activities.  As one person stated, “for my husband, fly fishing is everything, if there is no fly fishing nearby, it is a deal killer.” Another wanted not only a list of internationally renowned surf spots nearby but wanted photos as well.  Luckily, Playa Viva has plenty of both. Again, it depends on the type of fly fishing you do and surfing level you require, but within minutes ore within hours, we have plenty of variety of both.  The estuary that borders and runs through Playa Viva and the lake up in the archaeological site provide plenty of places to fish right on site. Both of these areas will be part of the Private Reserve we are creating for the use of owners (and guests).  This is part of the un-calculated financial benefit of ownership, at the risk of sounding too “salesy”, you not only get co-ownership of your Casita and other buildings, but you are co-owner of 160 acres of woods, estuary, archeology site and 1.2 kilometers of beach front.   Beachfront, that takes me to surfing. Playa Icacos is the beach off the mouth of the Juluchuca river and the estuary formed by the sand bar that closes most of the year. On the map included here, you see Juluchuca as one of the top surf spots in the State of Guerrero. This area also includes La Barrita and Loma Bonita. About an hour away is Troncones and nearby sites (Salulita and El Rancho). So what do you want to do while on vacation. For some, it is the community engagement, for others surfing and fishing, for others its just taking it easy.  We want to hear from you about what you expect out of your vacation time in Playa Viva.

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