Visit Playa Viva Through Our Guests’ Lens: Photo Contest Winners

Posted by Playa Viva on November 10, 2020

At the end of our season every year, we host a photo contest. We love seeing Playa Viva through the eyes of our guests. Because each submission represents one small part of the meaningful experiences that Playa Viva guests always talk about — with other guests while on property and with their loved ones when they return home.

Time and again the photo submissions align with the emotional and mental transformations that come about as part of our guests’ time here. You would think it impossible to capture those sentiments in a photo, but the way that our guests either zoom in on certain details at the resort or take a wider lens approach to the beauty here represents so much more.

A trip to Playa Viva may help you zero in on a part of your life that needs attention. Or it may be the impetus you need in order to release an unhealthy obsession over life’s other details. Whatever you need, we hope you find it here. Season 11 – Peirce Schmidt Season 10 – Nirvana Nungaray Season 9 – Lacey Smith Season 8 – Diana Uribe Season 7 – Tiffany Borland Season 5 – Zak Al-Alami Season 4 – Ashley Shaffer Season 3 – Sarah Rivette Season 2 – Melinda Jones Season 1

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