Coevolution: Growing Together

Posted by odysys_admin on October 14, 2019

As we open for Season 11, a decade of co-evolution continues to Playa Viva a better, more impactful environment for all stakeholders.

One of the core principles of regeneration is the concept of co-evolution. What does that mean in the context of Playa Viva and Regenerative Travel as a whole?  

At Playa Viva, we co-evolve with our surrounding communities, with the changing preferences of our guests, and increasingly with other hotels and companies stepping up to build the thriving regenerative travel ecosystem.  

How does this co-evolution happen? Let me start with the broad travel ecosystem perspective through Playa Viva’s participation at Matter, which is part of Pure Life Experiences, a conference which “unites the best minds in high-end experiential travel and beyond.” I was invited to speak on the Wellness Stage by Mason Rose agency who curated this track. Mason Rose is a leading international communications and sales rep agency for hotels, luxury lifestyle, travel and wellness. The panel included the very talented Jessica Renshaw of Renshaw Travel and was expertly moderated by Jacinta Stevens of Mason Rose. 

We were asked to discuss the following:

“As consumer consciousness expands beyond self-care to encompass the wellbeing of the planet itself, how can brands further tailor their offerings to suit holistically minded travelers?” 

I started my comments with “If you have one take away from this conversation it is the following: ‘how do we move from the Ego to the Eco?’”  The longer version was to discuss how Playa Viva has co-evolved to create a transformational experience and while guests may enter with one intention, the intention co-evolves with the place to create a new and more impactful experience for the guests, if they allow it to happen.

 “If you have one take away from this conversation it is the following: ‘how do we move from the Ego to the Eco?’” 

In this newsletter you will read about Amanda Harris, Permaculture Manager for Playa Viva, describe her visit to Costa Rica and her attending a workshop with her peers at Finca Luna Nueva which is a member of the Regenerative Resorts (RR) collection. Core to RR’s added value is the concept of “Sharing of Best Practices,” which includes not only best practices in hospitality operations, marketing, etc. but in permaculture (environmental conservation) and social impact.  While Amanda was in Costa Rica, she had a chance to stop at Pacuare Lodge. Coincidentally, I was able to meet with Luz and Roberto of Pacuare while at Matter and Pure. Coevolution and Best Practice sharing were the topic of dinner for 14 current and prospective members of Regenerative Resorts. Luz and Roberto joined us at a dinner we hosted by at RR hotel Kasbah Bab Ourika. Luz and Roberto shared with me the work they were doing with their local community and how the “4 C’s” (Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce) developed by hospitality environmental non-profit The Long Run  guided their endeavor.  We hope to learn from and co-evolve with The Long Run in promoting this type of work to guests and hotels. Education and advocating travel as a force for regeneration and positive change is key to being the change we want to be.

Education and the value of education to transforming communities one child at a time is the subject of the story by Colleen Fugate, our Social Impact Manager. Impact happens from both a top down and bottom up manner, in this case, we invite our guests to be part of that Co-evolution via an Adopt a Student program – be part of that change at a person to person level.  It surprises me how just a little bit can make such a big difference to both the giver and receiver of these programs.  We invite you to be part of the change and open your heart to these dedicated students.  

Coevolution is a constant process. Now that we are opening for Season 11, I want to thank you all (our guests, our staff, the local community, fellow hotels and the entire Regenerative Resorts and Regenerative Travel community, etc.) for your support in this process of coevolution, sharing best practices and learning and growing together.

We are also honored to have been invited to help create a new event to promote the sharing of best practices in this regenerative hospitality ecosystem – I invite you all to check out the EcoResort.Network and join us in person for sharing, learning and continued co-evolution.