Juluchuca Limpio – A New Generation of Conservationists

Posted by odysys_admin on March 31, 2019

Juluchuca Limpio

The volunteers at Juluchuca Limpio’s first beach cleanup

In February a group of college students from the local university (UT) in Petatlan approached Playa Viva saying that they wanted to do community engagement and conservation work with La Tortuga Viva.  Adriana, one of the students, is a local resident of Juluchuca and she proposed to her classmates to do a trash awareness project in her community. 

Of the 65 volunteers, most were children

We organized a day of beach cleanup to also include a tour of the Turtle sanctuary and a chance to release baby turtles with Valentine, the coordinator of La Tortuga Viva. 

We had an incredible turnout of about 65 people come to Playa Viva, walk down to the turtle sanctuary, collect trash, learn about the work of the turtle sanctuary and release baby turtles.  Of the 65 volunteers, most were children, so afterwards they came back and played on the beach outside the hotel.  The kids had a rewarding experience and learned a lot about conservation.

 the next generation of Juluchucans will be more aware of how to manage trash.

They are already putting that knowledge to great use.  The cleanup was so successful that it has led to the formation of a new group called “Juluchuca Limpio” which has already held weekly cleanups in several other locations.  The students leading the project have cleaned up trash throughout the town of Juluchuca and the nearby lagoon and river. They have been engaging the community, especially the schools, to participate in the effort, meaning that the next generation of Juluchucans will be more aware of how to manage trash.  

Thanks to Playa Viva guest Steve Shea for many of the great photographs documenting this inspirational community initiative!