Fractional Popularity Booms

According to the Crittenden Resort Report, an insiders guide to the resort industry, the market for fractionals is booming. A string of developments leave no doubt that fractional ownership is here to stay. An article in the March 31, 2008 edition highlights three such fractional offerings including Playa Viva.

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Playa Viva’s founder David Leventhal was interviewed for the article in which he discusses the project, its investment opportunities, and the construction schedule. The article talks about the trend toward communal involvement, rather than as mere places to stay for a night or a week. It also mentions that over 80% of Playa Viva’s lands will remain untouched, and building the casitas and other buildings in clusters will minimize environmental impact and foster community.

Fractional ownership is a good way to create a family second home. For an excerpted copy of the article, click here (pdf).

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