Playa Viva Checks All My Boxes – Even Some I Didn’t Know I Had

Playa Viva was recently host to a film crew from England who were producing a segment about Playa Viva for a show about some of the most incredible hotels of the world (stay tuned for more info about this). During my interview, the producer asked me, “What makes Playa Viva so different, so special, so unique?”  The best answer I could provide is one that we get from our guests, “Playa Viva checks all my boxes.” To which the producer responded,

“Playa Viva checks all my boxes, even boxes I didn’t know I had.”

This comment may get edited out or it may make into the final video, but I do think it is key to why guests chose to come here and chose to come back.

So what is meant by “Checks All My Boxes.” Here is an excerpt from an email I recently received from a well traveled guest (she had already been to 2 other hotels in Mexico that month).

“… As I had told you the first night, the decision to book at Playa Viva was because it had the right combination of “my boxes being checked”: true oceanfront, yoga classes, low impact casita-style accommodations, size (fewer than 20 rooms), direct flight and easy transport, safety and farm fresh food. The turtles definitely clinched it….” Playa Viva Guest, 2019

Her boxes included easy access, beach, yoga, small, private, healthy food, oh, and turtles. Yet I’m sure, by the time she left, we checked some boxes she didn’t even know she had. She’s already written to us that when she comes back she wants to bring her family, visit the farm, do some medical work in the local community, take a cooking class.  So while we might have been a good match for her initial checklist for a boutique hotel, her experience here opened her up to even more possibilities. While she definitely wants to come when her child can experience the release of baby turtles, now she know she can also join the turtle sanctuary on Night Patrols to maybe see mother turtles laying eggs, collect eggs and teach her son (who is a turtle fan) about the entire life cycle of the turtles. Additionally, the cross cultural connection of her son with the young members of the Turtle Sanctuary will be invaluable to all.  

What happens to many guests after staying at Playa Viva is they tell us, now that they have vacationed at Playa Viva, it will be difficult for them to go anyplace else. That is also why we have started Regenerative Resorts, to make it easier to find places like Playa Viva around the world, places that create opportunities to go deeper and to “Check Boxes You Didn’t Even Know You Had!”

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