Branding Green Hotels

The following is an excerpt from an article by Lawrence Hefler of BrandShares International ( about “Branding Green Hotels”. We find it relevant to Playa Viva. For the full article click here:

Consumers are often looking for a hospitality experience that will be relevant to their needs and align with their values. With more and more consumers basing decisions on environmental consciousness, ‘green’ hotels will appeal to consumers with those values and attract them. Building a brand that incorporates eco sensitivity helps consumers in their decision making process. Hotels and resorts need to differentiate themselves with a brand and being a ‘green’ and eco-friendly brand can be a part of that. A ‘green’ brand image can help hoteliers to differentiate their property from other hospitality choices in their market. This can attract consumers as well as groups and meetings that require a ‘green’ location. “

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