Wild Life at Playa Viva

Publicado por odysys_admin el enero 29, 2011

Is Cassie holding a baby crocodile or alligator found at Playa Viva?

The decadent four meals a day food plan here at Playa Viva never ceases to amaze me. Thursday nights are Pozole soup night. Typically it encompasses a spicy broth with pork and side add-ons typically include; oregano, radish, onion, jalapenos, shredded cabbage, salt, and lime wedges. This specific dish has proved to be a favorite by guests as well as myself! It’s not easy to miss the authentic Mexican spice as one sips on each warm and flavorful spoonful.

My Spanish is improving! The staff here have always got a smile on their face, ready to learn and teach me. I’ve found that the best way to learn is to just belt it out, saying whatever you think is right, and they will correct you.

One of my favorite walks here at Playa Viva is the mangrove walk. I’ve learned to face my fears as I traverse through dried up jungles and crocodile ridden lagoons, ok, I exaggerate.  But what has been the most amazing part is physically seeing the crocodiles up close and personal. One afternoon I went on a hike through the mangroves with a purpose of capturing interesting photography of the local wildlife at its best. I tip-toed through the forest to find myself stopped dead in my tracks to the sight of a 4ft long, green and spiky iguana. Before I could get a decent shot, it scurried into the water… next to the crocodile that peeked it’s head out towards the distance. To my left I hear what sounds like people rummaging through the woods. I look over only to find a Tejon, which is a raccoon like animal with long claws, rushing down the tree. There must have been at least five because it sounded like a party as they all ran down from what sounded to be a few various palm trees!

After, I headed to my bungalow only to see within close distance, whales jumping completely out of the water! It was a sight I hadn’t yet experienced. Seeing whales here at Playa Viva happens at least three times a week, but seeing them actually jump high out of the water? This was my first time.

Everyday here at Playa Viva there is some kind of new and interesting animal to see, be it bird, reptile, fish or even bug! I’ve seen everything from washed up blowfish, to lizards of all sizes, mice to sand dollars, jellyfish to starfish, baby clams to horses, baby pigs to donkeys to dolphins, and the list goes on! But one thing stands consistent: the releasing of baby sea turtles. This will never get old. Just being able to witness the excitement that each new guest experiences makes me feel the same way every time. Jamie and I are constantly talking about how lucky we are to have the opportunities that we are given here at Playa Viva. Each new day brings on a new sunrise, which brings on a new and completely different sunset. Roaring bonfires at night with guests turn to midnight star-gazing during the candle lit walk back to the beach bungalows. And then it begins again.

I have to be careful as my time here seems to be flying by at warp speed. But everyday I look forward to something new, here at Playa Viva.