Tread Lightly Wherever You Travel

Publicado por odysys_admin el octubre 7, 2009

SeaHorseInHandA recent guest at Casa Viva, our sister property in Troncones, recommended that we provide bags at the gate to the beach so that guests can use them to put trash when they walk the beach. We listened and added our own twist, the bags we are providing for beach clean up are all made in Mexico by cottage industry workers from recycled, canvas billboard material [more on this in future blog].

As part of our continued commitment to regeneration, both in the ecology and the community, we recently invited Laura Kuri, a specialist in community development and environmental engagement, to moderate a group of local leaders. The goal was to address the problem of garbage management and develop a set of concrete commitments from this group. While the bad habits associated with garbage management may take a long time before we see major improvements, it only takes 4 minutes to watch a short video, produced by Carlos Cardenas, about the town of Juluchuca’s commitment to cleaning up. Do you want to get engaged with the local community? Are you the type that feels good about taking an empty bag for a walk on the beach and bringing it back full of waste? Is your idea of travel and living to “tread lightly and leave the place better than how you found it.”?

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