This must be the place!

Entirely different vibe here. Leaving SFO- ‘homeland security’ had found a place to reside in the back of my neck. You know, that spot just between the shoulder blades. Bye-bye USA… hello MEXICO!!!

From the moment I land in Zihuantanejo/Ixtapa (ZIH) Airport I felt my breathing change. My shoulders were slowly leaving my ears. Hey! Everyone is smiling. What’s up with that? That lovely warm breeze. Okay. This feels more like it.

This must be the place Being a surfer from Norcal, it’s hard to imagine paddling out without my full 4.3 neoprene body girdle. Even though I’m here to ‘work’ and check out the progress of the Playa Viva site, it would be a lie to tell you I had anything else but surfing on my mind. It didn’t get any easier to wrap my brain around work at baggage claim. (grin!)

This Must Be The Place

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