Staff Development at Playa Viva

Remember taking your Red Cross Lifeguard Certification training down at the community pool when you were growing up. Well I did and when I got these photos from Monica, those memories just flooded back.

As we were closing for Season 3 (2011-2012), Monica Oyarzun lead our GIIRS re-certification. As part of this process, we engaged out team in several training and capacity building programs. These included fire safety, earthquake and tsunami evacuation and preparedness and basic training in water safety.  These are just a few of the training programs that we conducted with our team and hope to conduct many more training both as a group and with individuals in particular areas of expertise.  Training and capacity building for our team is core to our commitment to regeneration, community and especially the community that keeps Playa Viva vital.

Thank you Monica for arranging all the training and for taking the photographs.

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