Pack for a Purpose – Playa Viva Guests Respond to the Call

Last week, guests to Playa Viva responded to the call to “Pack for a Purpose” and showed up with a plethora of books, pencils, paint brushes and other art and school supplies. This was in response to a meeting between Morgan Webert, Playa Viva Community Development Director, and teachers at the local elementary school in Juluchuca. The two worked together on an Earth Day project to clean up the local river bed and beach front.

The teachers put together a list of items most needed and Morgan published that list to Playa Viva guests.  Well the guests responded faster than we ever thought the first few showed up with the pile of supplies seen in the photo to the right.

I guess our guests found the idea of Pack for a Purpose to be as fabulous an idea as we did. Thank you to all our guests for their support.  We encourage you to support this organization and promote partnerships between the hotels you visit and the local schools wherever you travel.

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