From the Sublime to the Mundane – Hope Springs Eternal

The Light Just Seems to Have a Different Patina
The Light Just Seems to Have a Different Patina

Ever since the morning of Wednesday, November 5th, the sun seems to shine with a brighter patina in the morning.  On Tuesday, November 4th, I picked up Sandra at the airport, she had just returned on Northwest Air from 4 days of door-to-door canvasing in Columbus, OH.  At 6:31 PM, Pacific time, on our way to the home of dear friends to watch the results, NPR announced OH for Obama. Sandra cried with joy. The knowledge that her efforts and those of everyone involved in the campaign had paid off was both emotional and overwhelming. A the light of a new dawn was rising across America.

The reality of the next morning came in with the new light, Sandra heading to the office, the kids off to school.  As she walked out the door, she handed me a copy of “World Traveler”, Northwest Airlines Magazine and said, “take a look at this article on Green Travel“.  The article is about EcoTravel and featured locations worldwide and companies like REI Adventures.  Interestingly, at the end of the article is a side bar on how to “Go Green with NWA” introducing their carbon offset program with The Nature Conservancy.

We should probably develop our own carbon offset program with our affiliated non-for profit conservation project, Rainforest2Reef

Air travel will be severely impacted by issues such as Peak Oil and Carbon Offsetting and we look forward to being part of the solution.  Tomorrow offers us hope, hope that we can change things for the better, change as large as the first African-American President or as small as the individual sacrifices we will need to make in our daily life to make this change work for all of us.  It is a new dawn in America and around the world.

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