Adopt A Nest and Help Save Sea Turtles

Publicado por Playa Viva el diciembre 23, 2019

Update: Dec 2019 – We Love Early Adopters!

Adopting a nest is the best way to support our turtle sanctuary, and your giving makes a huge difference this holiday season!  The program is officially a hit!  Thank you for helping us surpass our goal of 50 adopted nests for 2019, and we are looking forward to doing even more in 2020.

Our volunteer team safely released 87,200 sea turtles last year alone.

2 Ways to Adopt A Nest:

1) Make any donation of $40 or more through our partnership the Ocean Foundation and we will contact you


2) Email Volunteer Coordinator Lorenzo Locci at 

Join The Early Adopters For 2020:

  • Cost: $40 = 1 Nest
  • You’ll receive a Nest Adoption Certificate and info about your nest.
  • Receive photos of the newly hatched baby turtles when we release them!
  • All funds go directly toward our conservation activities.

Adopting a nest for a friend or family member makes a great gift and allows the volunteers of La Tortuga Viva to continue to do their important marine conservation work.  Please consider a donation or email Lorenzo for more information.  

Lorenzo explains what adopting a nest means:

Your gift helps the 14 local volunteers collect sea turtle eggs, relocate them into the sanctuary, protect them during the incubation period and, finally, safely release the hatchlings into the ocean.  All generated funds go directly toward the equipment and materials required to run our sanctuary.

Adopt A Nest for the Upcoming Season (Published Aug 2019)

Click here to email Colleen to Adopt A Nest for $40

After experiencing the beauty of a sunrise turtle release at Playa Viva, you may find yourself asking how you can support the work of La Tortuga Viva, our local sea turtle conservation project. Run completely on guest donations and a team of 14 local volunteers, La Tortuga Viva releases upwards of 50,000 baby sea turtles each year. This past season, some of those hatchlings were released in the name of Playa Viva guests, family members or friends, thanks to our new Adopt a Nest Program.


By adopting a nest, you become an active participant in our conservation story. Your nest will be marked with a placard with either your name or the name of the person on behalf of whom you adopted the nest. We will send you an email certificate of adoption with information about the number of eggs in the nest, date of relocation, and species of sea turtle. When the turtles hatch, you will get another email detailing how many made it to the ocean along with a photo.


At a cost of $40 per nest, in Season 10 at Playa Viva we were able to raise $1400 for La Tortuga Viva through this new program. This additional funding supports environmental education initiatives with kids in our community and helps cover some of the operating costs of La Tortuga Viva. For this upcoming Season 11, our goal is to have 50 nest adoptions, up from 35 the year before.

Protected nests at La Tortuga Viva sanctuary. Help sponsor this work by Adopting a Nest!

Adopting a nest for a friend or family member makes a great gift and allows the volunteers of La Tortuga Viva to continue to do their important marine conservation work. If you would like to donate, simply email Colleen at  


Colleen Fugate es Gerente de Impacto Social y Ambiental en Playa Viva. Ella vive en Juluchuca. Aprenda más sobre su trabajo involucrando a nuestras comunidades locales a través de nuestros programas de impacto social.