Stay the Course

Publicado por odysys_admin el agosto 28, 2008

The news and media have been filled with images of the Olympics and now the Democratic convention. But one piece of news that recently caught my eye.  With all the bad news, Honda Motors reported a profit while all the major automakers are feeling major pain. So why is that?  According to a recent article in the New York Times (“Honda Stays True to Efficient Driving“), “Honda Motor never veered from its mission of building fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly cars like its Accord sedan.” And it continues, “‘I remember being at the Tokyo Motor Show in the mid-1990’s and talking about the environment’ said Ben Knight, head of engineering at Honda’s North American division.’The reaction was there’s no return on that.'”  As we head into the school year and look to open Playa Viva in Spring 09, it is articles like this that keep us focused on our mission and give us a sense of security about our plans and visions.  Join us in realizing a better future, join us in promoting companies like Honda that stay true to longer-term vision and values for improving the environment.