“Badges, We Don’t Need No Stinking Badges” – Survey Says?

Publicado por odysys_admin el abril 24, 2012

I am definitely dating myself when I invoke the memory of John Bulushi, SLN and the killer bees. Although this line has a much more illustrious past (back to 1935), the core message is the same.

With new reports coming out these days about about how guests are valuing green and sustainable destinations, are seeking them out and are willing to pay more to stay at such locations…this isn’t news to us.

Over the years, our tag line has become, “Playa Viva – Where Your Vacation Meets Your Values,” but we have never felt the need to get certification from any third party. We feel that we are beyond certification, not because we are “stuck up” or “cocky”, but because we feel that any of these “badges” would actually detract from our level of commitment to the environment and the community.  When I walk into a hotel that is doing all the wrong things (and some right things as well) and they have the good seal of approval from one of these certifying agencies, I say to myself, “I don’t want to be certified by X, if they certify these guys.”

What certifications have you come across and which do you like and find helpful? Would you want to see us certified by a third party? If so, which one(s)?  We’d like to hear from you and get your thoughts about certification and if we need “stinking badges” after all. 

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