Create Your Own Adventure at Playa Viva

I love this photograph. It says everything about what Playa Viva is all about.  The person in the photo is a guest, Peter. He spent a week in Playa Viva with a large group of friends and this particular day he spent the day with the local fishermen.  In this image he is obviously tossing out a net, fishing, but he also spent a few hours spear fishing with the father of one of our team members.

So many guests contact us before coming and want to know, “What are the Activities?”. While we have a book full of excursions and activities that you can enjoy while at Playa Viva, it is moments like this that you can’t put in a book, these are the interactions that come from getting to know our team, exploring what the environment has to offer and making yourself open for the adventure. Come to Playa Viva and create your own Adventure.

For a video done by a member of this group follow this link. The video covers both the turtle sanctuary and the team.

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