The New Playa Viva Team

Playa Viva is up and running and hosting our first guests. The hard work of construction is done and now the work at Playa Viva is going through its own “changing of the guard”.  The artisans and craftsmen who take local building materials and supplies and turn them into lovely palapas are being replace by artisans and craftsman who take local produce and fish and turn them into delectable meals.

Our team consists of only folks from the local community of Juluchuca, several of whom moved back recently from “el Norte” to be closer to home and family. Some of them are familiar with techniques for more sustainable living but in general we have lots of training ahead of us. Each of you that visit us are part of this process of transformation. We hope you will engage the staff in teaching them your ways and methods for using fewer resources and treading lighter on this earth.

Also, what we hope you can see emitting from this photo is their spirit, their joy, their happiness.  While we  are sure that this team will evolve and change organically over time  like so many other parts of Playa Viva, we are lucky to have such a great team to craft your stay and to insure a joyous and happy visit.

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