Top enlaces rápidos a las preguntas más frecuentes

Preparamos una lista de los 10 temas principales y los enlaces para este sitio web en base a algunas de las preguntas o temas más frecuentes de los invitados, líderes de grupos y retiros, voluntarios, prensa y otros interesados ​​en visitar o aprender más sobre Playa Viva.

1) Interesado en traer un   Grupo para retiro, taller, boda u otro evento.

2) Información sobre el santuario de tortugas y cómo hacer una donación .

3)   Voluntariado en Playa Viva con el hotel, en la granja y en la comunidad.

4) Trabajar como anfitrión holístico en Playa Viva proporcionando yoga, masajes y amor.

5) Adquiera más Sal Viva , chocolate y café de la Sierra, envíenos un correo electrónico a

6) ¿Es Playa Viva segura para mí y mi familia dado advertencias y avisos de viaje?

7)  Need images? Try this link to Flickr site with Hi-Res Images for your use in articles, promotions, etc.

8) Quick link to Photo ContestCookbook, Video and Field Guide (coming soon).

9) List of a few of the best activities available at Playa Viva.

10 - Terms and Conditions - Policies

All reservations are pre-paid. All reservations, once paid, are non-refundable. We're really sorry but if you cancel a booking, don't turn up for your booking or the hotel denies check-in to a person not accompanied by you we will not be able to refund your monies. That's the bad news. The good news is that if for any reason you need to cancel after payment is received, we will hold your payment as a credit towards a stay for one year from the original arrival date. Is your long-term outlook uncertain, don't fret, we took a page from Virgin Airlines playbook and will now allow you to pay a $100 fee to extend funds deposited for an additional year.

Your deposit guarantees your reservation. We don't overbook so when take your deposit of 20%, that reservation is guaranteed. If for any reason we mess up, and yes, we are human and we make mistakes, but not often, we guarantee that we will find you a comparable room in the area and do our best to make good. It's only happened twice in 7 years that we can recall.

NOTE: You will see a 2% Regenerative Trust Fee on your final bill at the time of departure. 100% of the funds from this fee are deposited with the Ocean Foundation, Playa Viva's fiscal sponsor for environmental and community development projects including the Turtle Sanctuary volunteers. You have the option to opt-out of this fee at time of departure. However we hope you will round that number up and give more to support the turtles and other activities we do to support the local community. Lest we forget to tell you, for US Citizens, this is a tax deductible donation, thank you very much!