Are you thrilled to be alive?

Most of us have worked on ourselves for years—and we are fortunate in many ways—yet we still feel as if something is missing. There is a reason. We’re “working” on ourselves at the wrong level, that’s why it feels like work. There is another way—another level of consciousness. When we go there, we wake up and feel thrilled to be alive.

When we ask the question, “Are you thrilled to be alive?” we don’t mean, “thrilled” in the sense of being on a roller coaster ride. We’re using the original meaning of the word thrill, which was, “to pierce or penetrate.” Do you want to pierce or penetrate the chaotic buzz of disingenuous living that causes you to feel overwhelmed, anxious, distracted, and disconnected? Wouldn’t you rather live with an open heart, a sense of spaciousness, and awe of being alive?

3 Important Things

We use the word “thrill,” because it serves as a jolt to wake us up. But the jolt alone isn’t enough. Three other things are essential to wake up, stay awake, and live a passionate and fulfilling life.

1.    Mindfulness —requires a practice that takes us off autopilot and refreshes our perspective.
2.    Maturity — emotional maturity—requires specific skills and characteristics that can be learned, allowing us to express our emotions in healthy ways.
3.    Metamorphosis — requires a profound shift in consciousness as well as a practice and support system to maintain that shift.


Developing important life skills

These are the skills we teach and practice during our retreats. We’ll introduce you to specific and straightforward meditations. We’ll demonstrate a different way to communicate with people—and yourself—that’s empowering and liberating. And we’ll crack open doors leading to varying levels of consciousness that dramatically alter our worlds.

This work is radical. It’s not like any other models. For example, we don’t believe in continually processing our feelings, or endlessly revisiting childhood experiences. We’re not saying those things aren’t useful, but rather that most people attracted to our work have done enough of that stuff and come to realize “enough is enough.”

Do you want to get off the therapy hamster-wheel, the search for why you are the way you are, the endless repetition of your stories? Would you like to get on with the possibilities that arise when you settle your nervous system, develop emotional maturity, and learn to navigate different levels of consciousness? If so, join us at Playa Viva and learn to be Thrilled To Be Alive.


Jake Eagle

"I was a psychotherapist for twenty-five years. I loved my work. Then, I came to recognize the limitations of therapy, how it contributed to the client’s problems, spending too much time focused on the past and having conversations at the wrong level. Now, I’m a meta-therapist, helping people explore what comes after therapy. We only need to spend so much time processing our feelings and understanding our pasts. There comes a time to stop the work and start celebrating being alive. I’ve developed a specific method for this purpose. This is my current passion".

Hannah Eagle

“I love leading groups through unique experiences, movement, and the practice of sensory awareness to help ground the theoretical aspects of Live Conscious into the physical body. Through these experiences we can wake up, become more present, become more of who we are, and discover new creative, life affirming aspects of ourselves. We learn how to be happy.”


”I feel myself closer to my core; so all parts of me show up much more easily. My tears, sadness, laughter, and compassion—they come and they go and I am gently balancing all aspects of myself.”
K.K. — Colorado Springs

“I would highly recommend this workshop to anyone who is challenging themselves with growing in their personal and professional lives, and especially for those who need a new framework for putting past difficult experiences into perspective.”
H.H. — California

”My metaphor is that a Live Conscious retreat provides ways to tune our radio station, changing the frequency through which we receive all information, which helps us find heretofore-invisible forces in our lives—forces of health and clarity and maturity.”
A.B. — Santa Fe