Money Questions

1. What money can I use in Playa Viva? Do you accept credit cards?
We accept US Dollars and Mexican Pesos, cash and credit cards (Visa and MasterCard ONLY, unfortunately American Express is unable to process payments in dollars for deposit in Mexico and Visa and MasterCard can. When American Express can offer this service, we will be sure to add American Express.).

2. Are there banks/ATMs in Playa Viva?
No bank or ATM at Playa Viva. The closest is about 15 kilometers away in Petatlan.

3. Should I bargain with people in Playa Viva?
The town of Juluchuca has a few vendors that sell local goods, mostly coconut candies, tamarind candies and salt. Prices are low and fixed. You can go to the market in Zihuatanejo and bargain to your heart’s content.

4. What about tipping in Playa Viva?
TIPS is an acronym for "To Insure Prompt Service". Historically, it was given in advance as a demonstration of good faith for good service. Our staff is trained to provide prompt service because they already know they will be well compensated for taking very good care of you. We start by recommending 10-15% of your total bill including your room fee as a tip. We want you to know that these are recommendations and guidelines but it is 100% up to you if you want to tip and how much. Tips are pooled and distributed to team members every two weeks (with their normal pay).  Tips are distributed to EVERY team member, even those you do not see on a regular basis including permaculture/gardens, security, maintenance, etc. You are welcome to provide an extra tip directly to any team member at any time however you will be given a form at the end of your stay that allows you to direct a tip to specific team members. Traditionally, guests give extra tips to Johnny (their bartender and activiites person), to the host (for yoga and/or massage) and often directly to a kitchen staff or Julia for providing special services for them during their stay.  Tips can be placed on your bill and paid for with the credit card on file so you do NOT have to carry extra cash.  We appreciate your generocity to the team at Playa Viva.