Health & Safety Questions

1. Is the water safe to drink at Playa Viva?
Water at Playa Viva comes from a well on site. Water used in the kitchen for washing and treating food is filtered using ultraviolet light system. We also use bottled water for all drinking water. Ice is purchased from reputable ice vendors who sell a sanitary product. Water used in showers and room sinks is NOT filtered so we recommend NOT drinking this water. We provide a jug of filtered water in each room by the bathroom sink.

2. Do I need to take preventative medication before I leave for Mexico?
Hmmm, interesting question. If you are referring to the reputation of North American travelers catching "Montezuma’s Revenge", this is on a case-by-case and person-by-person basis. Again, use your best judgment and consult your doctor if you suffer from chronic digestive problems. But for the hearty traveler, take normal precautions and we are sure you know this is will not be a problem.

3. Are the mosquitoes bad in Playa Viva?
The good news is that you will find no mosquitos on the beach at Playa Viva during daytime hours or during windy evening ours. However, Playa Viva has mosquitoes as do all resorts located near bodies of water. We have taken several ecologically sound and preventative measures to reduce the nuisance of mosquitoes. We have protective mosquito netting on all beds to protect you while you sleep, if necessary. The ocean breeze provides the best defense against mosquitoes but in early evening hours when the breeze fades, mosquitoes have more of a fighting chance. We recommend you wear long sleeve shirt and pants during dusk hours. We recommend you bring repellent, we provide non-deet based repellent that is quite effective for those who do not bring their own. We surround the Common Area with citronella torches/candles and fans to limit the number of offending mosquitoes. Finally, we are working with our conservation biologist to add inert bacteria to stagnant water that eats mosquito larvae. All these measures combine to make mosquitoes a significantly reduced nuisance.

4. Are there medical facilities at Playa Viva?
We have a first aid kit on site. A clinic is located 15 kilometers away and a well stocked and staffed hospital is located in Zihuatanejo. For very serious incidents, we recommend you look into Medivac services for transportation to a major US Medical Center.

5. Are there police/local authorities in Playa Viva?
Playa Viva has its own security on site 24x7. In addition, members of the local community involved in activities such as the Turtle Sanctuary provide an additional layer of local patrols. Local police are in Petatlan and state and federal authorities can be accessed as necessary. We have regular visits from Tourist, Local, State and even Federal Police who make regular visits. 

6. Is it safe to swim on the beach at Playa Viva?
The beach at Playa Viva does not have rocks and is generally safe to swim, however, this is open ocean that can sometimes have strong rip tides. Use your own discretion and best judgment based on your swimming abilities and those of your family and guests. We highly recommend that you swim with a buddy. You are sharing the waters with turtles, dolphins, manta ray and many other species of sea life. The water is much cleaner than in larger urban areas, a big plus for Playa Viva.