1. What does being "regenerative" mean?
Building "green" is about doing less damage and building "sustainably" means doing net zero damage. Playa Viva takes it one step further taking a "regenerative" approach, aimed at improving the health of local and, ultimately, global ecosystems. Playa Viva has elected NOT to become LEED certified, see www.usgbc.org for more information on LEED. We are confident that green, sustainable and regenerative activities go beyond any rating or certification system. If we can improve on our operations to reduce our ecological footprint, please let us know, we are always open to suggestions on how we can imrpove.

2. What steps is Playa Viva taking to meet it’s regenerative mission?
While some hospitality brands/resorts call themselves green just for asking guests to take it easy on the towel turnover, our stewardship will actually improve the land, water, air quality and biodiversity at Playa Viva and in the surrounding community. To find out more about our sustainable and regenerative practices, click on the links below.